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About Us

McIver’s Lakeshore Cottages began when Rose and Omar McIver bought three cottages at the mouth of Moose River known as River’s End Cottages from Everett Campbell in 1963. They continued to run these camps as River’s End until 1967 when they bought three camps along the lakefront known as Lakeshore Cottages from Larry Crooker. They combined all six cottages under the new name of McIver’s Lakeshore Cottages.

During their years of ownership, Rose and Omar were well-known for their friendly hospitality. During the summer and fall months, Omar spent much of his time guiding their many guests on fishing or hunting trips.


During the winter, he was one of the last of the early trappers to earn a living trapping and selling the skins of beaver, mink, otter, bear, and bobcat. In a normal winter, it would be common for Omar to trap and collect one hundred beaver pelts; all of this was done while traveling on snowshoes, in the days before snowmobiles.

Rose’s duties at the camps were “do whatever-needed-doing”. She cleaned, painted, mowed, and entertained the guests with her many stories and jokes. Rose and Omar were a great team working together to make an enjoyable stay for their many guests who had quickly become friends.

When Omar died in October of 1997, Rose continued running the camps until her death in December of 2001.

Now, two of the original Lakeshore Cottages have been passed on to John and Brenda, Omar and Rose’s son and daughter-in-law. We hope to continue the friendly hospitality that made McIver’s Lakeshore Cottages such a relaxing and enjoyable place to stay.

While you visit our cottages, you’ll probably see our daughter and son, Erin and Justin, with their children enjoying our beautiful spot--another generation of McIvers who love this peaceful area.